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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  January 30, 2014 1:00pm-3:01pm EST

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gone completely wrong. lori: sending ben bernanke out on a harmonious note the fed unanimously agreeing to continue to wind down its massive bond buying program. the wall street journal on ben bernanke's legacy as janet yellen takes over. adam: super bowl executives from the broncos and seahawks are helping kickoff the trading at the stock exchange. we hear from the man at the top of the denver broncos' organization president joe ellis joins us in studio. lori: tony gonzalez is here. he is retiring but that doesn't mean he is slowing down. mike master in an interview you will only see on fox business. adam: what a difference a day makes, stocks rebounding, heading for the best day of 2014.
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to the floor of the stock exchange nicole petallides standing there. nicole: we are down 6 of the last seven trading days, a different picture. some things that may have turned the hour around the dow is up 156 points, a gain of one full percentage point. what may have caused this word gdp numbers and also economic numbers were good or good enough, earnings and outlooks that seem to be better than what we have gotten over the last 24 hours and fewer worries about emerging-market, took out a wild card. that being said, the dow is 154 points, the s&p 500 up 1.3%. let's take a look at ups, profit came in, stronger 2014, tough time during the holiday season, a flurry of last-minute orders. up 1% right now over 52 weeks,
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year to date, ups and fedex still in the red. back to you. lori: gains on wall street, emerging markets, crawling back from their route to. trading near the level before the central bank announced its rate hike. in russia, a 5-year low against the dollar earlier, now coming back after russia central bank said it would intervene if the currency moves out of its target range. even the south african rand posting gains against the dollar which is trading five year lows. vendor rings vendors in neighboring zimbabwe are not accepting its products. adam: the data breach affecting the largest retailers, rich edson on capitol hill with more for us. rich: democratic senators offering to build retailers to new data protection regulations
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in the wake of data breaches that target, commerce committee aides direct the federal trade commission to write new rules for businesses and nonprofits to protect customer payment information requiring countries to inform customers, a reasonable risk of harm. a material data breached. this will create incentives for customer payment information. is unclear how much support this has in congress for retailers would support it. that would depend on specifics of regulations and standards the ftc would write. adam: thank you. google up big ahead of fourth quarter earnings "after the bell" today. the tech giant announced it would sell motorola, lenovo for $2.9 million but that is only a fraction of the $12.5 billion price tag google paid two years ago. our next guest says it is a bad bet gone wrong, senior technology analyst joins us now, when all was said and done only
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$6 billion on this. >> there was some cash when they acquired motorola and they might get some tax benefits from the losses they had. the patent they were keeping in arguments. >> this deal gone bad i will jump to the future if we can. 82% of the smart phone market using and would 25% of the phones shipped in the last quarter have android devices that don't include the google services where google makes its money. >> absolutely. the rationale behind by buying motorola was up and, and the entire stack. combine them together, the integrated approach apple has generated billions of dollars in the smart phone market place. they are not exceeding that and back to being the software layer and there are a couple interesting points, not much
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money left to be made in hardware. and good phones for -- let's cut services even if people our put us out. adam: one of our colleagues as a phrase, particular cash valuation, are they in a trajectory, 25% of devices running and would shift in the last quarter don't have google apps that will be a problem for them to continue their revenue growth. they missed the last 7 or 8 quarters out of revenue. >> this is one of the things you take a pros and cons with, the core engine picked up in september quarter it has been growing at broadly speaking this year. it is a wonderful business but it is going to evolve and change and google wants to get the next wave of growth so they are investing a wide range of areas,
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they are buying -- adam: company that says do know we live a misleading us? what do they know whether they want to position themselves in the future? >> they have a robot arm in now. adam: if i am looking at the stock at $1,100 a share, a price target of 970 -- >> i'm looking for it to pull back, the stock has been 24% since september quarter earnings so priced to perfection. it is a good business and the december quarter is one of the strongest for the company. you have to take it with a little bit of a grain of salt, difficult quarter to bet against google but expenses are rising. prices are dropping and this motorola seal indicates another losing quarter. >> the patent for motorola, a lot of people say overvalued. >> it is a goodwill write-down on the acquisition when they report numbers and that will
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decide how much capital they destroy. >> a reminder we have complete coverage on fox business. lori: one day left in ben bernanke's term as chair of the federal reserve after navigating the central bank for the worst financial crisis since the great depression. what will ben bernanke's legacy look like? joining me is the chief economist, chief economics correspondent for the wall street journal, good to see you. ben bernanke's approval rating 40% compared to alan greenspan when he left, 65%. clearly more popular when he left the chairmanship, what does it say about ben bernanke and his legacy. >> i don't think it says anything. look what happened to alan greenspan's legacy four or five years later. here is what it tells you, what matters is what comes next.
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alan greenspan was called the maestro, navigating the american economy brilliantly and then we had a financial crisis and it hurt his reputation, lasting into the history books. what matters now is is the economy going to pick up? is there going to be another financial bubble? if bad things happen that reflect on ben bernanke's legacy. if we get out as the fed is expecting, if inflation doesn't take off he will end up finishing strong. lori: a personal question and you can say no way. what is your legacy? is next for you? have been so close in your coverage of reporting on fed chairman ben bernanke and colleagues referred to as the fed's favorite mouthpiece, is there a book in the works by you? what is the plan? >> i keep covering the fed.
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there are a lot of people involved in making decisions and it is not just one person, not just ben bernanke. i try to get to know a lot of them. look around the world. there is a lot of interesting stuff going on in developing markets in china. i want to keep an eye on central banks around the world. we will see about that. may be i will promote a book. lori: we go back a long time. i enjoy your commentary. you do make some precious points. let's move to janet yellen. obviously she picks up the baton here and you broke the story that we would see another paper, $10 billion, so is she going to stay at this pace or will she consider being emerging market turmoil in the last jobs report, that foot back on the panel? >> what we saw yesterday was the
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fed is committed to the plan in december. it was a plan that has ben bernanke's signature on it but they came up with it, she came a forward with that to gradually wind down the bond blank program. the really big question for janet yellen that is going to test her and mark her legacy is what happens on interest rates. at ome point she is the one who will have to raise them so the question is is she going to raise them sooner than expected? they are expecting late 2015. she will be tested on that. as the economy grows faster, unemployment keeps coming down she might have to decide to make a move sooner than they plan. heard that, what we know about janet yellen is she wants to push monetary policy as hard as she can to get the economy growing as fast as they can.
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as long as inflation is low they will push this really hard. lori: tune in tomorrow when peter barnes sits down with john williams one day before san francisco fed president janet yellen takes the reins from janet -- ben bernanke. adam: the government and forecasters are in an icy standoff over who is to blame. lori: growth by slowing somewhat, keep finding new ways to make money. adam: denver's president on invitations leading up to sunday's superbowl as peyton manning gets ready to take the field at metlife stadium.
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the face of danger, and unr the most demanding circumances. experience builds character. experience builds confidence. anexperience... has built this. introducing the 2014 glk. he engineering and the experience of mercedes-benz. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. lori: toyota halting several models with c headers because of safety concerns. date requested dealers comes as we learn the heaters do not make safety regulations burning too
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fast and fires. they account for 13% of the inventory. play is not required to take action on vehicles that were already sold. here's how toyota is trading, $0.20 a share. facebook making huge gains bringing the tech having nasdaq up. nicole petallides is watching from the new york stock exchange. nicole: when you look at facebook you will say wow today because it is on a tear today, up 16% helping the nasdaq, 14.5% to be precise, $7.81, $61.34 and hit a new lifetime high today of $62.50 a why is facebook jumping the way it is. revenue came in, turned out 53% of revenue was generated from mobile labs, mobil ad revenue is the most coveted and to have more than half of total revenue be from that area certainly is quite a notable.
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many analysts raising their price targets, raising their outlooks, they are loving facebook. and one of the analysts talked-about instagram and video ads being the catalyst for the future. ashley: what a year for the denver broncos after getting caught short in 2013 the team punching its ticket to the super bowl with three days to go until the big game. we are joined by broncos president and 19 year franchise veteran joe ellis and it has been a complete transformation of the team. you throughout first-round draft pick. that is the wrong word. didn't work out the way you thought, reverse gears and bring in peyton manning. must of been a big bet, as it paid off? >> a lot of people saw the risks but he shared that with us when we were talking and negotiating with him all along in terms of if he wasn't going to be able to play we weren't going to be out anything really. it worked out to be a big risk
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and one worth taking anwe have been a pills since then. adam: i want to show viewers quickly some revenue pictures, denver vs. seattle, $283 million in revenue, a lot on the line when you make a decision to take a gamble on someone like peyton manning. what was it like to come to the decision to say we are going to go with him. >> you are getting a great player and a great person conlan athlete revered around the country and elevate your franchise and also elevate your team. everybody gets better not just players but everybody in the building and we felt that was going to be something that could move us up the ladder as a ffanchise, we have been wobbling along in mediocrity through the years and when john elway came in and hired john fox and we were able to get payton, here we are playing in the super bowl so it worked out well. adam: one more thing about
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peyton manning. no decisions will be made about this game, but there's concern about potential neck injuries with him afterward and you guys are pushing up against salary caps. what happens? you keep the franchise alive even with star players. >> pain could speak for himself and has a little bit this weekend all indications i if he can pass the physical which we hope and believe he will he will come back and play, in terms of the salary cap that is something you manage your in and year out and plant five years down a road with your roster as you look at younger guys when older players are going to reach their peak and you need to move on. that is something he has done a good job of and we have a lot of players to negotiate with in the off-season. adam: looking at rebuilding that. >> a little bit. there are other players, erik deckers up as a free agent, a
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list of guys but it is part of the business. the successful drive their demand up as is always the case. a good thing to have. adam: can you tell us have the doctors, has he been cleared to play sunday? >> he played in the last week to post-season games and he is ready to go, he is anxious to go, he had a good week this week. adam: there is the issue of concussions. long term, talk about looking at a roster three or five years out, pop warner football participation is off this year. does that pose a threat going forward? our parents worried about concussion issues? pro players are professionally worried about it. >> everyone is worried about it. roger goodell has taken it, his key initiative to enhance the education about head injuries, trying input, greater safety provisions not only with the
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equipment but the rules and we are making the advancements, get a lot of attention and it is understood why, it is a high contact sport, some people might get scared off. i credit the commissioner for the efforts he made to deliver the message through high school and college and up to our league. that has worked out very well. adam: this is what you focus on after sunday but it is about sunday. the odds, the unofficial predictions, and non real metric, more seattle fans in the stand than denver fans. >> that is what people are saying. two best teams in new york and new jersey to play this game and you never know which way it
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goes. that is why it is 3-1/2 hours of agony, you are not sure what the outcome will be budgeted prove to be a good game i am looking forward to and so is our team. adam: i know it will be hard for one side but imagine being a cleveland browns fan and costs for those of us in cleveland that have affection -- >> we were fortunate. underpass to bolden's direction in the last 30 years the franchise has been to six to burbles tied for the most of any owner, current owner in the league with bob kraft of the patriots a we had a great following in denver 77,000 shell a beach weekend we are fortunate as a team and an organization to have that kind of support. and to the meadowlands on sunday. adam: have a great game sunday. lori: more football for you. the atlanta falcons out of the running legendary nfl tight end tony gonzalez predicted seattle
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and denver would play one another in the superbowl. coming up in moments. adam: who target is blaming after the mass of data breached. announcer: where can an investor ? scotade. ron: i'm never alone with scottrade. i can always call or stop by my local office. they're nearby and ready to help. so when i have questions, i can talk to someone who knows exactly how i trade. because i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. that's why i'm with scottrade. announcer: ranked highest in investor satisfaction with self-directed services by j.d. power and associates. [ male announcer ] wt kind of energy is so abundant, it can help provide the power for all th
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>> 23 minutes past the hour this is your fox news minute. the obama administration may in fact impose financial sanctions on ukrainian officials and protest leaders of the violence continues to escalate according to reuters. the president is on sick leave and demonstrations that began two months ago when the government took a political move that aligned it closer with russia continues. russian authority identifying two, sidebars responsible for blasts that killed 34 people in russia last month, also are resting two suspected accomplices. authorities are still on the hunt for three so-called black widows too got our bench, they say, on attacking next week at olympics games. there are millions of folks in atlanta praying for a fog. crews across the metro area still scrambling to unclog the those roadways with thousands of
1:27 pm
stranded cars. the vehicles had to be ditched two days ago because of three inches of snow and ice that appear to have cost state and city leaders off guard. those are your headless -- latest headline. we will keep you updated on that situation. adam: those pictures out of atlanta are unreal. shares of target hitting 52 week lows as new details emerge from the holiday hack attack. we want to bring in liz macdonald. liz: this could be three hearings in washington d.c. on the target attack and what we are hearing out of the fbi is there are at least 20 similar cyberattacks on retailers and the fbi telling fox business potential for more cybercrimes on retailers could continue to grow despite what enforcement and security firms, actions to mitigate it. here is what is going on. the same software that is easily breached is under discussion and could be in place that places
1:28 pm
like kroger, samsung and home depot. that is the talk among security circles and the same gained who could have attacked targets could be using the same techniques as was in that t dagen: nasdaq and 711 hit. you are seeing this conversation between retail hackers and what they are saying in the chat is that they do track tv coverage. they are saying they set up google triggers for things like data breach or credit-card and debit card fraud. they want to track when they are found. they better pay us, meaning retailers, to not hack them again. it is striking the cyberhackers are tracking of the media coverage when their hacks are discovered. interesting stuff about the cyberattacks where they bring the latest developments as they come in.
1:29 pm
adam: thanks. lori: time to make money with charles payne, here to discuss the message and earnings and the way some companies are showing promise that putting their money to work. charles: it is not just that they are showing promise but also giving a syndication of what 2014 could be with respect to the u.s. economy. arkansas is a regional trucking company reporting today,,what caught my eye is the change in tax spending, what they spend for more trucks. you don't do the spending they are talking about unless you expect huge increases in demand. i have got a chart to show you. look at this plate. 2,011, $77 million, the next year $69 million, dropped to $24 million, up 400% they sit in their earnings, they are expecting huge things. this is completely what we have been seeing from the rails and what we are hearing from others.
1:30 pm
whirlpool is in international play. they say next year europe may be flat, latin america will be flat, asian america may be flat to down, u.s. may be up 7%. we are seeing the united states could be the centerpiece not just of the stock market but the global economy. adam: i spoke to kurt hume at ubs, they expect the global economy, they are expecting growth globally by, you talk about the united states, investing $2.5 million expanding their buildings, updating infrastructure as well as technology, seems they see something going on. charles: when is it is time to invest money we see buy backs for the last two years, like huge dividend hikes, those are great, ways of rewarding shareholders but if you want to glimpse at what corporate america thinks of america there's nothing better than cap tax commitment. this is great news and good news
1:31 pm
for the stock market. adam: 1,320 receptions, 15,000 yards, 111 touchdowns, charles payne's record. you beat me to the punch line. lori: tight end tony gonzalez can brag about those stats. he holds the most records for positions he has not done adding to his impressive resume. the future hall of famer after the nfl in its latest project with six stars next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ tires screech ] chewley's finds itself in a sticky situation today
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sometimes they just drop in. always obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. adam: major averages are enjoying the biggest rally of 2014. let's head to nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. visa is giving the dow a big boost, isn't it? >> that is one of the reasons
1:35 pm
dow jones. visa is up 2.3% at the moment. obviously a great move here. and also it is contributing to the dow jones industrials big move today, right? the dow is up 121 points right now and 34 of those points are actually attributed directly to visa. turns out people are using their card more than they have been using cash lately. they reaffirmed the forecast going forward. the ceo made it noted that he was disturbinged by the data breaches recently over at target. but we are watching visa. it is a great performer today. back to you. adam: all right. thank you. lori: newly-retired atlanta falcons tight end tony gonzalez is leaving behind a legacy with multiple nfl records and likely spot in the hall of fame. retirement is not slowing him down. this is a fitness app which creates customized exercise routines right on the tablet. joining us in a fox business exclusive is tony gonzalez.
1:36 pm
the drives force behind fit star, is mike mazer. wonderful to have you. happy super bowl week. >> thank you. lori: tony people have been trying to talk you out of retirement literally up until yesterday with the pro bowl last week. you found a exciting new endeavor, tell me bit. >> this is fit star. we hooked up, me and mike. basically our agencies hooked us up. but it is technology way to work out and it is app on your phone and on the ipad. and it is just amazing. it is a customized workout geared towards you. you go to the app. sign up forfeit star, put height, weight, goals and develop as workout specifically designed for you and i'm your coach and trainer. >> that makes perfect sense you have a guy like tony who is the picture of health and fitness being your personal training coach, correct. >> absolutely. we saw the dvd market which had
1:37 pm
inchanged since jane fonda's workout. lori: don't knock jane fonda. >> she is awesome but the technology einvolved. except the static workouts same every time we fit workouts adapt the for you. lori: you are both wearing examples of wearable tech as well. how does it work? how does your app work with the wearable devices. >> exactly. wearables are huge. they will be $19 billion market by 2017. we spit out date at that what you did and adjust the workouts based on what these wearables tell you. don't need a wearable to use fitstar, but if you have one it makes it more powerful. lori: is this more fun than football? >> a little different than 23509 ball. more safe because i get my butt kicked all the time. lori: you were pretty good predicting seattle denver matchup, after you guys were eliminated, right?
1:38 pm
>> yes. lori: who is your pick. >> i have to go with denver. i have to go with peyton manning, you give him that much time to prepare. i'm sure he watched film of seattle seahawks defense five times each game. with the weather it will be good. lori: you know what i love to ask you, a tight end talking about defensive and seattle, sherman making so many headlines. what do you make of his behavior? help us understand where he comes from. >> i know sherman off the field. i met him last year. i was like everybody else and watched him afar. what is wrong with this guy? he is sometimes here and sometimes there. when i met the guy he is articulate, intelligent guy. what he does very, very passionate, people mistake that and see the dreads and this guy has no class. i'm not saying i agree what he did after the game. that was ridiculous, honestly. at the same time don't judge a book by its cover. he is a smart guy. he knows and recognizes it and apologizes for it. he is the best player in the defense and, you know, i real
1:39 pm
loy like him. it was just passion coming out. lori: you're very classy, very classy guy. you are both here in town for the super bowl, getting back to the business of getting app and word out, you're here, mike, how is being here among super bowl festivities and biggest of bigshots in the world of sports helping to you market this product? >> well, it is great being here in january and january of course is the time of the new year's resolutions, right? everyone is trying to keep the pounds off for the holidays. we're encouraging people to do a fitstar workout at halftime. ha have the nachos and beer but keep moving. that is word we're getting out forfeitstar. lori: can you give us something about the financials look like. >> we're backed by trendty partners and people like sherry redstone and roger mack that me. we've done more download and revenue january this year than in all of 2013. growth is explosive.
1:40 pm
we were charting in the app store. things are going really well. lori: how do you feel about being a businessman now? >> it is great. it's a transition. something i knew was coming. something i want to get into. i'm thankful to be part of such a great company. mike, they have taken me by the hand. it is fun and because it is fitness. i do my part, he does his part and a match made. lori: all folks nagging into the nfl. that's it, officially retired. >> officially retired. my body can only take so much banging and hitting, all that stuff. i'm happy to see what the next step is all about. >> what is so great working with tony, the company is mission driven. we're trying to put a dent into the fact that 70% of americans are overweight or obese. bringing workouts to people's smartphones and tablets we can help them where they are. lori: mike mazer and great tony gonzalez. you're not so bad. less of luck. adam: you're receipting for seattle and calling this game
1:41 pm
for denver? lori: you had to bust me adam. i wasn't going to share that. adam: charlie gasparino is working football tweet of the exclusive on tweets that miami dolphins player richie incognito prove that former player jonathan martin was not harassed on the job and the pr guru backing him now. lori: what does a monster robot need but a monster truck naturally. adam: trucks, trucks. lori: we have fox sports and the big ol' monster truck. adam: lori rothman's ride next. welcome back. how is everything?
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we need is reliable. take the energy quiz. energy lives here. >> i'm dennis kneale with your fox business brief. ford is investing $80 million in its louisville truck plant to meet demand for more heavy-duty commercial pickups. ford will hire 350 extra workers, expand production capacity by 55,000 vehicles a year that is up 15%. pending home sales falling sharply in december to the lowest point since october 2011. national association of realtors say the number of contracts to by previously owned homes dropped 8.7% year-over-year. the u.s. economy grew at annual pace of 2.3% in the fourth quarter, matching estimates. the third quarter growth was a higher 4.1%. together marking one of the best six-month periods of growth in a decade, for all of 2013 though, gdp grew by only 1.9%.
1:44 pm
that is the latest from fox biz, giving you the power to prosper.
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adam: miami dolphins lineman richie incognito wants his job back but he has an uphill fight. his former steam mate jonathan martin says the bullying wasorg straighted bying cog neat-o and forced him from the game. ing cog neat-o is bringing in big guns to tell his side of the story. charlie gasparino with more on his side of the story and what actually happened. >> face is it, football is a business and some of the best people to fix an image are in the business world. he hired a guy michael sitrick, and ceo of that company. if you want someone to repair
1:46 pm
your image and fight to repair your image there is no better guy than michael sitrick. clients included michael vick, patty dunne, remember her from hp? mark hurd. it goes on and on and on. and i'll tell you, this does signal that, that richie incognito will not just state his side of the story when you bring in michael sitrick, you fight back. adam: how do they, there are some tweets? >> here's the thing, he is fighting back now. if you read, if you read, i did an extensive story about richie incognito's side of this whole thing. remember the initial claim richie incognito bullied jonathan martin. that is allegedly why martin left the team mid-season. what richie incognito's lawyers and michael sitrick are doing, they're showing this was not
1:47 pm
bulling i in their view. this was two crazy guys conversions over text messages emails, voice messages in very crude way. by the way what they're coming out today saying said to and and our network exclusively is that if richie incognito bullying jonathan martin, jonathan martin was bullying incoying neat-o back. the texts are pretty crude from jonathan martin. i will you murder your whole f-ing family. they show other stuff whether jonathan martin, his sort of mental state at the time. clearly these texts show him apparently smoking marijuana, you know, reaching out for some, reaching out to for counseling, for mental health issues. you know, martin may come back and say because richie incognito turned screws on me so hard, such a bully in the locker room. i would say this, read the
1:48 pm
story. we have the emails, we have emails in context and i read dozens of them, clearly over 100 clearly. you know i'm just saying this thing went on not just once, went on for over a year and both sides gave as good as they got. adam: so hough much, you know the business side of this, how much does someone have to pay out-of-pocket to hire a pr firm like this? talking six figures? >> easy. michael sitrick down come cheap but has a pretty good success record. should put out richie incognito has a very capable attorney. i've been in contact with him. citric does not come cheap. if you look at his, his resume' who he represented, when you're, when you need a fighter, he is generally the guy you go to and he plays rough. this will be, this is what -- adam: it will get nasty. sound like the dolphins might want to hire him because they will get tarnished. >> i will tell you this, this story, we have pretty big story
1:49 pm
today. it has a lot of stuff in there. it's not going to end now. now the super bowl is coming on sunday. adam: yes. >> the report that the nfl will pull out on the alleged bullying incident coming out next week. ted wells, noted attorney will put that out. that is when this thing will get really interesting and possibly nasty. mike is going out there. jonathan martin has his own pr team. he has very capable lawyer. his name is corn well- i think it is jonathan cornwell. he is known in sir, very tough guy, very good lawyer. he has his stuff. richie will have his stuff. they both want to play again. just so you know, richie incognito, two time of-all pro, eight years in the leg. they both want to play again. there is money here. i don't think are endorsements involved. we can say that. adam: to get at full story, your story is posted at >> adam: charlie gasparino. thank you very much. >> okay. adam: will send it to lori
1:50 pm
outside of the fox studios with something pretty big. lori. >> a couple of things pretty big, adam. tell you something, if you think football is a man's sport-super bowl sunday. with one of the tallest men in the game, creatures. join me adam. we'll see you after this. can you start tomorrow?
1:51 pm
yes sir. alright. let's share the news tomorrow. today we failrly busy. tomorrow we're booked solid. we close on the house tomorrow. i want one of these opened up. because tomorow we go live... it's a day full of promise. and often, that day arrives by train. big day today? even bigger one tomorrow. when csx trains move forward, so does threst of the economy. csx. how tomorrow moves.
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1:53 pm
lori: everybody, we're back. this thing is huge. i never seen a truck this large before. adam: this is like what all the women in scarsdale are driving this is a new suv.
1:54 pm
a new monster truck from monster jams. you fit into it. lori: i climbed up underneath. cletus is kind of blocking. but it was something else so take a look. adam: you reached the pedals. lori: i know, thank you so much. adam: pretty incredible. part of monster jam, number one truck show on fox sports. lori: our driver is here. adam: come on over. i want to introduce everybody. frank, right? >> yes, sir. yes, sir. adam: you actually drive this. >> i sure do, i get to drive the cletus fox sports jam monster truck. adam: this looks amazing. this is ford, but not rolled off the as semilynn line. >> bullet custom from the ground up. adam: what is like to drive this. they could have used it in atlanta. >> it is a different ride every
1:55 pm
time but it is fun ride every time. lori: are there competitions for rigs like this. >> monster jam is in union dale for big shows. we're coming back to east rutherford to metlife for monster jam. lori: how difficult getting through midtown manhattan studios. >> i let that guy lead the way. adam: driving in midtown is not a problem. lori: how many gallons? >> gets 10 gallons to the mile. it is reverse. adam: this tire, pan into the tire. i want to show you all something. the tire is what five 1/2 feet. >> 66 inches tall and weighs 1200 pounds. lori: this is fun. all festivities leading up to super bowl sunday and teasing about research. actually women who are 46% of the viewers. obviously not more than half but that is more than women who view the grammys and some of the other big award shows. so that is saying something. adam: what lori is trying to say the super bowl is on fox at
1:56 pm
6:30, right? lori: exactly. adam: cletus, sum up, denver? thank you. lori: all right. guess that just wraps up our hour. send it upstairs to ash and tracy. >> anything looks logical. with all the huge tires. >> with all due respect to lori, she looks like a peanut. >> thank you, guys. players like paste ton manning could pay up to $60,000 in taxes on their super bowl winnings. should the jock tax be eliminateed? your tweets and our expert next. >> our super stocks all week long how you cash in on the super bowl. so today's focus, transformers, age of distinction. or extinction. the producers will advertiser viacom is a stock we're looking at. we have all that and much more in this next hour of "markets now." don't go anywhere. [ male announcer ] e new new york is open. open to innovation. open to ambition.
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2:00 pm
ashley: good afternoon, everybody, i'm ashley webster. tracy: and i'm tracy byrnes. talk about a taxing -- super bowl players like peyton manning could pay up to $60,000 in taxes on their winnings. so should the so-called jock tax be eliminated? your tweets later. ashley: our week long look how you can cash in on the super bowl. today's focus, transformers, age of extinction, producer and super bowl advertiser viacom. tracy: plus, hiring game. how about playing a videogame at your next job interview? huh. i will fail. i will never get the job. we have a ceo of that company and it is revolutionizing the hr business. ashley: my kids should be fine on that. rolling up the profits. making money on the growing marijuana movement. we'll have all that and much more on this high-powered hour of "markets now." i did not write that. no more puns.
2:01 pm
tracy: pot jokes keep coming. top of the hour. time for stocks. it is the best day of the year for stocks. there should be like confetti and stuff on the floor today, nicole. >> there is always garbage on the floor. confetti would be good. if you're a bull you like what you're seeing up 100 points on the dow jones industrials. i heard people say, i don't know how many, sell the rallies. meantime the dow has been to the downside this year. today has been a long, well, right now still below. but above .7% you will see the best day of the year. visa really helped the dow jones industrials to stay afloat. gdp, well we got that in. that was good news. we watched some of the nees here, economically doing well, consumer spending rose the most in three years. so you do have less worries about emerging markets. you made it through the fed and earnings have been pretty good in the last 24 hours with good forecasts. so that set it up for a winning day on wall street. that being said, let's look at 3m. i will turn the arrow around because it is the number two
2:02 pm
-@loser in the dow jones industrials. down 1.7%. 3m you may think of scotch tape, next care bandaids, post-it notes. 3m has to -- so many businesses but quarterly sales didn't do that well. they were hurt by declines in the consumer business, slowing growth in latin america. i did read though that some areas did well for them but it was the forecast weaker for 3m and so it is to the downside. back to you. ashley: nicole, thank you, as we see the dow slip under triple-digit gains. still good. time to make money with charles payne. oh, charles, why do experts seem to be wrong so often. they said don't buy this, stock is on fire. >> this one is, facebook, i want to go through a, not recent headlines but over the last year or so. ashley: okay. >> business to community, august in 2012, had a headline in the article, why facebook can not make enough money and never
2:03 pm
will. then april of 2012, forbes. here is the headline. here is why google and facebook might completely disappear in the next five years. they went on to say, trying to figure out how to make money on the web. has no idea how it will make money in mobile. tracy: what year was that? >> that was 2012. just a year ago, another publication called quarts, the headline, will never make a significant profit. they pointed to the fact that their expenses are too high and they only made 64 million in the fourth quarter of the year before. well, fast forward. those profits were up 700%. i got to tell you, it really is amazing -- ashley: what is your take on this, stock, charles? >> you know what? we were scared out of it because teens were leaving. i got to tell you, mark zuckerberg has done an amazing job. there is no other way to get around this, they do have 1.3 billion people and they're learning how to leverage them. you can understand how anyone
2:04 pm
would be nervous because we bought into the hype of 1999 and 2,000 and we got scorched. ashley: they're finding a way to monetize their popularity. i read somewhere google per user averages $8 per advertising revenue, and facebook is $2. they have a lot of room. >> they have a lot of room to go but the key question could they do this on mobile? last quarter, 53% of revenue is mobile. obviously serious upward trajectory. this morning all the firms are trying to catch up. i still have the problem way they went public. i thought they used their subscriber base in a despicable way but i have to tip my ha the to mark zuckerberg. >> it is working. >> this is something to people going sometimes with their gut and not necessarily listening to quote, unquote experts. tracy: with all due respect to older people like us, maybe they see something we old folks don't? >> you're right. i betcha a lot of people under 30 years old long this stock and a lot of people over 30 shorting
2:05 pm
it coming into the day. ashley: great stuff. charles payne, thanks so much. appreciate it. tracy: charles, he mentioned google. google happens to be hanging up on motorola, basically selling the mobile phone business to china's lenovo but keeping many of the money-making motorola patents. that is actually pretty smart. dennis kneale dialing up with details now. what is going on? >> google up 3%. the stock may in a relief rally on news it is ending the pain and selling that loss-riddled motorola smartphone business to len november know of china. google paid $12.5 billion for motorola less than two years ago. straining way beyond the core competency and fat profit margins of search advertising and trying its hands athlete that gadget business, no room for screw-ups and faded motorola brand. google if nothing else is confident of abilities to pull off anything. they blew a billion dollars on green energy research, certain it could solve problems that had
2:06 pm
alluded everyone else. google is one of the smartest companies in the world. it just isn't so smart at making smartphones. buying motorola at 12 billion, selling out at three billion produce as $9 billion loss but google recouped $6 billion selling offset top business and motorola cash and tax loss credits. problem motorola ran up losses of $2 billion more in the 20 months that google owned it. so wall street is happy the hemorrhaging is over. google far better known on binging on acquisitions. 20 in the past year bizarre amalgam of properties. stuff like gear for drones, military robots, artificial intelligence, snooping thermostats. airborne wind turbines and these creepy critters from boston dynamics. you know, stuff that has barely any relation to advertising. the company's lifeblood, so it is hard to tell whether all this is part of a cogent, overarching strategy or a food fight. throw lots of stuff up against the wall and see what sticks,
2:07 pm
trace isy. ashley: like a shotgun approach. you will hit something. tracy: it is working either way. you can't deny what is happening. they're doing something and simultaneously sort of taking over the world. >> i had an argument with a guy that formerly ran google x, secret research lab folding up a lot of acquisition. i said that has nothing to do with ads and they shouldn't be doing it. he kind of convinced me i was wrong. one thhng it is good for company pride. it helps lure best people when you do really cool stuff. it makes the company a better place to work. that brings better talent. tracy: it is about taking over the world. >> it is. ashley: they can afford the trial and error, let's face it. >> billions in profit mask a lot of failures, in motorola that was one of more visible failures. ashley: no kidding. >> dennis kneale that is good stuff. that's a good story. >> thanks. ashley: plus we get to show the creepy robot video again. tracy: for people on cirrus, you didn't miss anything, creepy robots. ashley: robots doing the river dance, i don't know.
2:08 pm
big game, big tax bill, after sunday peyton manning might be better off retiring. has nothinggto do with his on the field skills. let's just say the taxman cometh. tracy: in our tech minute, why the ftc ising hanging up on the landline phones. a sign of changing times. ashley: target blaming outside members for credit card nightmare. liz macdonald talking about how much data those third party vendors got away with.
2:09 pm
2:10 pm
sometimes they just drop in. always obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities.
2:11 pm
we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. ashley: when peyton manning takes the field at metlife stadium there is one opponent he can not avoid, the taxman. according to one tax analyst peyton's best bet after the super bowl is either retire or demand a trade. joining to us explain is okay at that gone director of tax services. -- octogon. if manning con wins on sunday and continues to play for the broncos he will own the garden state, 60,000 in taxes. new jersey is the big winner, not so much peyton. >> that's correct. between spent there for super bowl and game at the jets next
2:12 pm
year, it will be about $60,000. tracy: because of this ridiculous jock tax. i don't think a lot of people knew it existed. this imposed tax on athletes. this started when michael jordan won in california and lakers were pissed and they sent him a bill. >> that's right. that's right. tracy: so tell everyone, because it is based on days in the state, percentage of your salary. >> correct. based on days in the state, divided by total days working for the team for the year, multiplied by your salary over the entire calendar year, regardless of what you make for one specific game such as the super bowl, which peyton manning will make 92,000 or 46,000 win or lose. ashley: sean, this is interesting because are we just picking on professional athletes? i know it is the jock tax, what about doctor, singers, entertainers go from city to city, state to state? could a case be made that these athletes are being unfairly targeted? i know they make a huge amount
2:13 pm
of money but even so? >> right, entertainers as well get taxed by every state. commuters, depends on the state's rules. states are lot more lenients with executives that travel between states but they're also a lot hardtory track whereas professional athletes, their schedules are readily available to the public so it is easy to go after them. tracy: it is crazy. they know already peyton will play the jets in jersey in 2014 presuming he stays. let me ask you this. why if he is traded, is that a good deal for him? you will still have annual income for the year? i get if he retired, less money to tax but if traded still making millions of dollars. >> new jersey would end up taxing him bade on his income with the broncos for the first part of the year and then they would tax him for, whichever other team he were to play for for the other part of the year. tracy: yeah, jersey will not let the money go. >> no. and i honestly don't see manning
2:14 pm
asking for a trade. ashley: how much time and effort is put into calculating all this? it seems a tangled mess, when you're talking about where they are, how long they stayed there. i mean it has to be a nightmare. >> it is a bit of an effort, but that's why, athletes need specialized preparers. tracy: keeps guys like you in business, right? so got florida that doesn't charge state tax. i would think everyone from now on wants the super bowl to be in florida, especially based on events like this. but then you have other states that have like cockamamie rules. we were talking how tennessee earlier only charge as flat fee to the nfl and nba players. >> yay. nba and nhl players. tracy: right. too many acronyms. ashley: but, you know, sean, because of that tennessee law, those players at the very minimum on the pay scale actually lose money. think there was an nba team where players play against the memphis grizzlies they end up paying for the privilege. >> oh, you're correct. you're exactly right.
2:15 pm
it is rid includes law. nhl players association and nhl are working to overturn the law in tennessee. ashley: fascinating a lot of people didn't realize. tracy: before we let you go, any odds that they could somehow -- this will go away or do you think the jock tax is here to stay? >> i think the jock tax is here to stay unfortunately. ashley: yeah. tracy: bummer. ashley: good for you. tracy: yeah. blame jordan i guess. >> or california. tracy: california, exactly. ashley: sean packard, thank you so much for battling the traffic and joining us today. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. tracy: great story. it is a crazy story. ashley: hard to believe. tracy: yeah, although jersey, no. not hard to believe. jersey taxes just about anything they can. it is quarter past. we have to get a check on the markets. nicole petallides on the floor of the exchange, watching homebuilders. hey nicole. >> i am, tracy and ashley, keeping an eye on the homebuilders. the group seems mixed. pulte and kb home with up
2:16 pm
arrows. beazer homes, d.r. horton, hovnanian all selling off. hovnanian is down 2%. there are several pieces of news the first is pending home sales which came in and actually showed a drop. sales fell to 8.7% last month. poor weather, higher prices. this is not the greatest season for a selling homes. but you also got in two pieces of news as far as earnings. pulte group and beazer homes came in with their numbers. beazer homes, their loss narrowed. they did have higher revenue and pulte said it would step up spending in 2014 on land and the like, even though orders have fallen off a bit. but you could see that it is up .9% at 19.61. back to you. ashley: that was a great year by the way. just saying. not telling you why but it was a great year. tracy: oh, man. all right, are you ready to play the hiring game? anyone remember the crying game? i do. ashley: yeah. tracy: demonstrating your skills on videogame at your knocks job
2:17 pm
interview. thank god i have a job now because i would not pass the test. we're watching on the screen. it is a quirky game but we have ceo of company totally revolutionizing the. ashley: he looks like connell mcshane. tracy: and serving sushi. ashley: he is. dumping money down a big hole, literally. huge price tag cities are paying with this cold, snowy, pot filled winter. we'll be right back. those litt things still get you.
2:18 pm
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2:21 pm
>> 21 minutes past the hour right now. hi, everybody, i'm jamie colby with your fox news minute. at this hour we are awaiting verdict for the retrial of amanda knox expected to come down 40 minutes from now. she and her former italian boyfriend both convicted of a 2007 murder much british student meredith kercher. they were overturned by the highest court after they spent four years in prison. knox, not attending the trial. here at home the obama administration may impose financial sanctions on ukrainian firms and protest leaders if violence there continues to escalate. according to reuters demonstrationings began more than two months ago when that country's leader took a political move that aligned it closer with russian interests. so far at least six people have
2:22 pm
been killed in the protests. in new york city, newly-elected mayor bill deblasio reached an agreement to end the battle over the nypd's stop and frisk program. the deal actually paves the way for several reforms of stop and frisk including the appointment of a federal monitor. those are the latest headlines here on the fox newsroom. i'm jamie colby. back to ashley and tracy. ashley: jamie colby, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. ashley: breaking news. the u.s., we understand, will seek death penalty for accused boston bomber, let me see, dzhokhar tsarnaev. i had it and i lost it. attorney general eric holder's decision to press for tsarnaev's execution. 17 of the 30 federal charges against im including a weapon of mass destruction to kill, carry the possibility of the death penalty.
2:23 pm
>> all right. let's move on. job interviews, totally nerve-wracking. reading prompter can be too. ashley: very close second. tracy: all right, but our next guest actually says you can play video games. we have the founder and ceo of knack, a tech startup that uses video games to determine what skills or knacks an individual has. so, first of all, i have to say i still don't know what kind of skills or knacks i have, but if you play the game are you really, people will tell what people can do? >> absolutely. tracy: how? >> well we designed the games with the state of the art behavioral science and neuroscience. we collect maximum amount of data. as you play you're leaving a footprint, your data footprint. think about it as small bread crumbs. those are indicative of underlying traits and abilities the way you think, problem-solve, emphasize thighs with people or logically or
2:24 pm
critically think or maybe not. all those things are reflected in the way you play. think about it this way. we are when we play. if we play monopoly or went out and played peaceket ball in better weather, the way we play and interact with each other, and problem-solve, that really draws out who we are. ashley: who decides what the standards are. you put together the program. what are the standards of people that put the game together are different than what a company would like to have when looking for a perspective candidate? >> great question. the game doesn't impose a standard. we're designing the game as a data machine. think about it a very powerful machine that collects massive amount of data in short period of time through engaging people. to identify the benchmark or predictive signature as we call its the max signature we work with the customer. we work with an investment bank. we say we're interested in figuring out, predicting, identifying who will make a great employee who can also get promoted to manager, director and so forth. so we look at high performers at the company.
2:25 pm
it is unique. organic to the company. we collect date a from their own game placement we look at that and identify what's the unique charactertic, what the unique profile of high performers at the company, based on game playdate at that alone. give you example. we work with shell, the oil company. and shell asks us can you identify for us what makes a great innovator at shell? we've been trying to do that many years and we don't know what makes a great innovatetory. it is hard for us. every ceo of every fortune 500 company is looking or she is looking for ininnovators. this is future of the company. that is where the growth comes from. but figuring out, cracking thhs nut is actually very difficult. so we looked at innovators at shell. those successful and those not as successful. they play two games. shell told us there are really good ones and not so good once. we applied the algorithms and computing power. think about a footprint.
2:26 pm
ashley: how accurate is it? >> turns out it was extremely accurate. because then we took another group of people, we didn't know anything about them. those were shell employees in innovation group. we didn't meet them. didn't know the resume's. we haven't had any data about them. they played the game. we ran our algorithm and ran back the results, tell us how well we did. tracy: they're all playing this wasabi waiter game? >> they played the waiter and surgeons at nyu played wasabi waiter. tracy: people on siriusxm 113, it is literally videogame where you serve people sushi. >> that is on the surface. under the surface there is science working. ashley: are you hooked up to machinery. >> no way. we're not going to go there. ashley: that would make me nervous before i did anything. >> ashley, you're absolutely right. we don't want to make people nervous. we think the game is engaging. tracy: like a lie-detector test and you fail. >> you're having fun of the as you're having fun you're becoming the real you.
2:27 pm
they played wasabi waiter and many companies are using wasabi waiter in the u.s. and outside the u.s. even though it is sushi restaurant they understand the person way never thought before. this is revolution. tracy: way cooler than tyke taking the brings test with pen and pencil of the. >> absolutely. tracy: i did that. >> that is not reliable. doesn't giver you insight. i hear jokes from people the, they told me i need to be a -- ashley: we're running out of time. does this favor younger people than older people? >> we tested that. that's a great question. we tested whether it has any bias or not and turns out it does not. people play and we build algorithms in a way that gives everyone equal -- tracy: that is really, really cool, guy. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. ashley: appreciate it. tracy: that is great question. typically i need like a joystick. ashley: just saying as you get the pong out and your atari.
2:28 pm
coming up in the next half hour of "markets now," how you can cash in on the growing marijuana legalization movement. shares to burn, i'm sorry, next. tracy: from pot to potholes, the huge price tag cities are paying during this really cold, snowy winter. drop money down, well, a big hole literally. ashley: literally. super stocks, our week-long look how you can cash in on the super bowl. transformers age of extinction producer and super advertiser viacom in today's focus. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] once, there was a man who found a magic seashell. it told him what was happening on the tradg floor in real time. ♪ the shell brought him great fame. ♪ but then, one day, he noticed
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2:31 pm
tracy: line 90 minutes to the close of your dow 30, best day of the year for stocks, some of
2:32 pm
your big winners will call green except for a couple on the screen but visa, one of the big winners of the year everyone charging out there beating the street and first quarter earnings thanks to higher operating revenue and payment volume. nicole petallides on the floor of the exchange, i know you are watching exxon. nicole: that is right. here is not look at exxon. it is down 1.2%, 93, 98, exxon, the profit dropped. what happened? declining production. they're making things a little better, what is going on going forward and the company will wrap up exploration projects in the next couple years. that is the news on exxon. it is down today 1.2%. that is where the profit beat the streets, sold off assets and
2:33 pm
slightly to the upside. ashley: thank you very much. tomorrow's business today, stocks on a high, some gained 1700% in value in recent weeks but our next guest says this should be approached with a lot of caution. the head of marijuana investing 420 investor has an expert look at this growing sector. that is the end of the pun but every time we do a pot story, these odd penny stocks, volatile, dangerous, but you have subscribers, people getting into this niche sector, don't you? >> nice to be here. i want to say i am very pro cannabis. it is a dangerous time in the market. dangerous in the a good way. there is a lot going on, very positive, got back from colorado with subscribers, there's a lot
2:34 pm
of new money flooding into the market. just like the marijuana in colorado, there's not enough good cannabis stock rain actually. ashley: critics claim some, should not sell law, stock promoters are scanners trying to get legit in the dodgy industry. how can you put this through a particular sector in a better light? >> great question. i didn't know this sector existed year ago. coming up on a year that i started writing for seeking out and after discovering the stock's trading at high valuations companies with no profits that have a billion dollars even today seeing companies with no profits as high as $2 billion so the real issue right now is trying to educate investors to know which companies have the best practices. a lot of companies that trying to do things the right way and we at 420 invest are trying to
2:35 pm
identify them and work with them, i am paid by my subscribers and i welcome anybody in the industry to contact me and there is no reason why this industry has to be relegated. ashley: it is interesting. do you think it will attract more regulation and is that a good thing? >> yes, it is a good thing. self-governing regulatory authority came out very late, kind of at the bottom of the market which is typical for the way the government warned people. they reiterated the warning again. the warnings make a lot of sense but they don't do anything which is another story. i think we are going to take care of it, shining light on the good companies and pointing out best practices and trying to avoid worst practices. i have a reputation on being tough on some of the companies but every single company talks
2:36 pm
to me, we are trying to take the industry to a better level. ashley: what companies are we talking about? those that make products associated with him? what kind of companies are in this field? >> it is exciting. no one has been able to touch cannabis. companies and getting closer now. there is a company that just came out yesterday officially and said they are applying for a medical dispensary license in las vegas. there is one example. a company in colorado buying the land doing triple net lease transactions with cultivators, then you have companies selling these neat little devices, never done it that i read about. so there is something that makes these devices. there's a lot going on and frankly lot of private money
2:37 pm
coming in. people are excited about public stocks, some companies the good, we are at the high end of the trading range but unlike a last year where there was a big decline, i don't see that happening again. i don't see that we are going to keep up this huge bull run, we are up 170% on average year to date, but we will see some companies do better and some pullback but we will see new companies. i am hearing from a lot of private investors. we will see two nasdaq ideas, these are new listingss. i think we will see one or two companies potentially up with to. that doesn't happen much. this is the preseason right now. ashley: more states on the bandwidth and growth potential, allen, thanks for joining us. we appreciate it, fascinating
2:38 pm
stuff. tracy: time for the superstock of the day. stock over 36% in the last year. it is up 2.5% even after reporting lower than expected revenue due to paramount pictures releasing fewer movies. paramount has plans for one 30-second spot to perform--promote transformers age of extinction. all three of michael back a's previous explosions, transformer movies have -- they let it slip into december riding on his web site said, quote, i think the first piece comes out for the super bowl and a teacher after that. make sure you pay attention. the age of extinction is set to open on june 27th. as for other movie companies, lion's gate has a spot book for an nfl drama for the second
2:39 pm
installment in his spider-man series and disney has a spot closed. it is unclear at this time if it is for the movie need for speed. tune in to the fox affiliate big game, kickoff underway at 6:30 p.m. eastern. ashley: looking forward to those ads. tracy: had good hair. it is getting even worse believe or not. target is blaming outside vendors for the credit-card nightmare. up next elizabeth macdonald is investigating this and she will tell you how much of your personal information these vendors may have gotten away with. ashley: it was going to revolutionize the online music business but i will tell you why there is some sad music. tracy: look how oil closed, $0.87. $98.23 a barrel. the dow up 103 points. don't go anywhere. i ys say be thman with the plan
2:40 pm
but with less ergy, moodiness, i had to do somethg. i saw mdoctor. a blood test showed it was low testosterone, not age. we talked about axiron the onlyndarm low t treaent that can restore t vels to noal in about two weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especlly those who ar or who may become pregnant, and children should avoidt where axirons applied as us of puberty in children or changes in body hair or incased acne in women may occur. report these symptomsto yo.
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tell your doctorbout all medical conditions and medications. serious side effects could include increased of prostate cancer, worsening prostate symptoms, medical conditions and medications. serious side effects could include decreased sperm count, ankle, feet or body swelling, enlarged or painful breasts, problems bathing while sleeping and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, common side effects include skin redness headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. ask your doctor about axiron. ashley: time for this hour of fox business brief, southwest airlines won 12 take out and landing spot that reagan national airport and will add 27 additional daily flights from d.c. the government required american airlines group to divest those slots as part of their approval of its merger with u.s. air waves. ford is investing $8 million in its legal trust fund, meeting
2:42 pm
demand for heavy-duty commercial pickups. for will hire 350 workers and expand for production capacity by 15%. toyota on the hot seat, halting sales of 36,000 new vehicles currently on dealers' lots with space heaters. the padding in the seeds failed to meet flammability standards. toyota will replace those heating units that is not required to take action for what is already sold. that is the latest from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper.
2:43 pm
tracy: talk about the blame game, getting worse. target blaming outside vendors, how much of your personal information do these vendors have and what did they get away with it? what happened? >> target is essentially out
2:44 pm
yesterday saying these cyberthieves stole the signing credentials for vendors but the issue is software is not so strong at target and other retailers as well. the fbi saying this has been announced, 20 cases of similar cyberattacks like the ones that hit target, that is what they discovered, they say we believe the malware crime will continue to grow near term despite law-enforcement and security firms actions to mitigate. tracy: i can't go to the food store and this might be my problem. liz: law enforcement and security experts, major supermarket chains like kroger, home depot, sam's club, possibly had weak software installed as well and shoppers could be at risk too of having their identity hacked into an their credit-card and debit card data stolen. tracy: what do you do?
2:45 pm
liz: pay cash. something so striking about what is going on here, law enforcement talking about again t j max attack of the last decade. the jetblue, 711, j.c. penney, the gang that did that 2005-2012 the techniques used in those massive cybercrimes using the same techniques in the tied attack and watch the conversation these cyberthieves have about media coverage, talking about one guy, alberto gonzalez, he is saying i have google media alert triggers for data breach, atm fraud, i get the mail articles when it come out about my hack. that is how i found out when my hacks are found and essentially check this out, talking about the supermarket chain grocery store hack, lasted three months of sales reporting on the news
2:46 pm
figuring out how much time the hack can last. he is saying the supermarket company will spend millions to upgrade their security laugh out loud. he is also going on to say it would be better to pay us, cybersteve not to pack them again. these guys are pretty brazen in terms of attracting media coverage. tracy: and the government is involved. liz: may have three congressional hearings on the target hack. the problem is it is all about software, the fire walls, law-enforcement continues to sell fox business that the fire walls are not strong, they are easily breach and retailers should have known about it -- tracy: cash -- liz: russian and ukrainian guys are being talked about being involved. we are on top of this bringing the latest developments, big
2:47 pm
story. tracy: we have to go to the floor of the stock exchange. everyone saying that out while you can, take the money and run. what are you doing? >> best day of the year but let's not be fooled by that. we have seen a lot of volatility and every headline is moving the market at this point. at the end of the year any negative headline was completely ignored. we have seen tensions out of europe, poor economic data has put pressure on the markets. the balance we are seeing is natural considering the movements in the market but heading into earnings reports amazon, google, right in the middle of burning season, a lot of economic data coming up, i don't think it is ready to jump into the market yet. tracy: a lot of people say the emerging markets are the story of 2014. are you worried what is
2:48 pm
happening? >> it is on the radar screen. 2013 emerging-market did not affect our current market in the economy. it seems that has become an issue in the forefront, that investors are focusing on. we have become immune to the good news we got out of our economy in the united states and are focusing on the other negative headlines out there. tracy: thank you. ashley: time for your tech minute. you will have to wait a longer to beat the street, music delaying the start of the family plan with at&t, overwhelming demand forcing the 5 day delay, $15 a month plan will start on january 31st, planning the super bowl ad this weekend starring ellen degeneres. can you hear me now? the federal communications commission votes to allow regional trials of new digital technology to gauge the impact
2:49 pm
on consumers and small businesses. the move away from old school landlines is voluntary and a trial could last 3 to 6 months. carriers like at&t and verizon wants to get rid of their circuits which systems and move to those based on internet protocol. and no longer, amazon plans to offer retailers to kindle tablet. the new system could be in place this summer and it puts amazon into the realm of physical retail stores, 90% of commerce is conducted in burke and mortar locations. the check out systems would open amazon to a wealth of new data of consumers in store spending habits. that is the most important stuff. tracy: kind of freaky. all right, here is another crazy story jeff flock is on, pablo repaired duty. you cannot make this up.
2:50 pm
phil: you are looking at the war on pot holes. all over chicago today, foot soldiers, there is a tank ahead of us. in the front seat of the vehicle that has a report, look at this, cold patch, weaponry, stay tuned.
2:51 pm
2:52 pm
2:53 pm
tracy: cold air, snow and ice, the perfect recipe for making a pot holes. no pay. chicago pushing got more than any other city -- i take issue with this. pew york has more bottles bids that is just me. jeff flock is on pothole patrol. jeff: no, you don't, 117,000 is
2:54 pm
what they fflled in new york since july 1st of the year. last year in chicago 620,000 jobs, i hate to say we win because i don't like winning this but we are in the front seat of a vehicle here tracking pablo crews. i will show you what this crew looks like. take a look, we come -- i am not agree with the camera but show you what this looks like. you saw when they filled the last couple days. in chicago we have had this intense cold. here is what this looks like. there are couple guys, four guys that walk along looking for potholes, you can see that right there, he essentially a truckk that comes along with what they call cold patch and they fill all the pot holes up and we have
2:55 pm
been tracking them today, chicago has declared what they call a war on potholes'. it is so big, the transportation secretary talked to neil cavuto about it a couple weeks ago, listen to what he had to say. >> we spend $48 billion, put 65,000 people to work, doing 15,000 projects. you never heard any bad stories about the money being spent. america is one big pot hole. jeff: one big pot hole. here is the truck, it just arrived, the truck these guys walked behind. go around the back and you can see the cold patch. this is the officially just what they call cold patch, right here. doesn't work as well as the hot stuff they use in the summer, but it band-aids the problem until summer comes along and they get some more money to
2:56 pm
resurface the street which is what they need. there is a man hole right there. a place where pot holes that because of the cracks that kick in the water. tracy: you crack me up. it feels like new york city. ashley: put you in your place. don't mess with us, we are the capital of pot holes. coming up, special edition of "countdown to the closing bell". liz will be live from the nasdaq ringing the closing bell, joined by cletus, the fox sports robot and some nfl heavyweights, nasdaq ceo bob greifeld will be topping by. we will touch catch up with automation ceo mike jackson, the country's largest auto dealership blowing past earnings estimates. and what is the biggest driver of profits? don't go away. wcome back. how is erything?
2:57 pm
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cheryl: the busiest day of the busiest week for earnings, the largest auto dealer group in the country, expectations of sales of luxury cars from bmw. ceo mark jackson giving us his road map for the year. with numbers like these, who needs friends on death talk? facebook kills it on earnings and investors take notice. should now be the time you by the social network giant's stock as it gets ready to turn can? and as we wait for google's earnings "after the bell" we are live at the nasdaq where i will be ringing the closing bell, and cletus, the fox sports robot. nasdaq alert, and bob greifeld live on how nasdaq traded companies are celebrating the superbowl plus superbowl predictions.


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